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Question: Nimodipine within 24 hours for non-aneurysmal SAH

Does the Nimodipine treatment within 24 hrs perf measure also apply to non-aneurysmal SAH? This is not mentioned in the performance measure guide. Patients can have mulitple non-traumatic reasons for SAH but once they are coded as SAH there are no exclusions that would apply for these other etiologies. We would not give Nimodipine to non-aneurysmal SAH due to amyloid, PRES, CVT, anticoagulation or bleeding disorders or if it was Perimesencephalic.


There is only one ICD-9-CM diagnosis code for SAH - 430. There is NO ICD-9-CM code for non-aneurysmal SAH. This is a descriptive term and not a diagnosis; however, there is a code for unruptured brain aneurysm. The exclusion would fall under the data element Reason for Not Administering Nimodipine and require explicit documentation linkind non-aneurysmal and nimodipine to select 'YES' and exclude the case.)

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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Manual: Current Manual (current data collection period; prior to data transmission)

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