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Question: Clairfy time to recanalization

Is the metric for time to recanlization 'the first radiographic image showing access of the occlusion' or 'start of the IA infusion or first pass of the device'? The time for first image of the occlusion would be earlier since the occlusion may be seen from a proximal location. Time of a device pass would be later after fully accessing the occlusion.


The end points for CSTK-07 Median Time to Revascularization are 'start of the IA infusion or first pass of the device', whichever is performed first. The data element "First Radiographic Image" was pilot tested with this measure; however, findings demonstrated low reliability for this data element, so the end points were changed to 'start of the IA infusion or first pass of the device' based on the most recently published 2013 multi-society guidelines.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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