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Question: What would be the implications if a vendor choose not to send a specific HCO's quarterly dataset (by the submission deadline) due to their poor payment history (to the vendor)?


The Joint Commission suggests the following to vendors as a way to handle this situation:

  1. Please notify the organization in writing of their delinquent payment status for ORYX services that includes the amount due, along with your intent to discontinue sending performance measurement data to the Joint Commission on their behalf, effective with a specific data transmission quarter and transmission due date (e.g., 3Q08 to be transmitted to The Joint Commission by 1/31/09).
  2. If no attempt to pay (or make an arrangement to pay) is reached with your accredited client by the given date, please forward a copy of the communication (an e-mail copy is fine) to
  3. In the case that an HCO has not attempted to provide payment to your organization, The Joint Commission will look into end-dating the ORYX measures (in our databases) that they have selected with your system.
  4. After this action, the system will no longer be responsible for submitting the specific HCO's ORYX data. Instead, The Joint Commission will send a communication to the HCO indicating they are not in compliance with ORYX requirements for accreditation since they do not have an active ORYX vendor.

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Focus area(s): Operational and Data Quality Processes, Financial / ORYX Vendor Accounts Payable

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